About Us

jqJenny Sandrof began her career in graphic design in 1987 with a background in fine arts and communication. She brings to the table her ability to create visually dynamic ways to communicate a message, develop a brand for an organization, or market a product. As the Art Director of a Santa Cruz County publishing company for thirteen years, she gained experience in all areas of design, pre-press, and project management. She has worked with a great diversity of clients over the years ranging from private schools, to nonprofit organizations, to small start-up businesses to large corporations. This has given her a clear understanding of how to create a product that accurately reflects the client’s goals.

Jenny has honed her skills at working with digital files to achieve the highest quality print reproduction. An understanding of the printing process and a good relationship with local print purveyors have been critical in saving time and expense during the final, important stage of any print project.

Jenny has won several awards for her designs including the MarCom Platinum Award for an advertising campaign, the MarCom Gold Award for magazine advertising, the MarCom Gold Award for the design of an annual report and the Hermes Creative Platinum Award for Magazine Design.


SallySally Wing’s major role is working with clients to write and/or edit the textual elements of their projects. She has extensive writing and editing experiences which include teaching writing and directing a writing center. She has written, coauthored, and edited book length publications, area tourist guides, and feature articles for a local magazine. She has published a series of personal experience travel articles and an article in Runner’s World. Recently she has written text for numerous promotional materials including brochures, advertisements in national magazines, and marketing flyers for a bicycle touring company. She brings a particular personal interest to this project as she is an avid cyclist who once spent over a year cycling around the world and still finds pedaling the best way to vacation.